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Loreo 9004 FULL-FRAME 3-D LENS for Film + Full-Frame Digital Canon Nikon Pentax

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Condition: New
MPN: 9004 Full Frame
Brand: Loreo
Compatible Brand: For Canon, For Nikon, For Pentax


Back in stock! No longer being made, this is one of the now very hard-to-find 9004 Loreo "3-D Lens in a Cap" kits, also called Beam Splitters, that will convert most standard full-frame 35mm film and some full-frame digital SLR cameras into 3-D cameras! Most popular SLR cameras are included. 

One was available on Amazon a while back for $328.50 but is now out-of-stock there as well. Our opening bid price is only $199.95.

This one is the 3D Lens in a Cap kit for full-frame cameras. This includes most film SLR cameras and some full-frame digital SLR cameras.

This lens will NOT 
work with 3/4 frame digital SLR cameras.

This kit is all you need to see your prints or digital images in 3-D! No special film, processing or mounting is required.  The processed 3D prints are ready for viewing with either the Loreo Deluxe, Loreo Mini, Loreo Pixie, or Loreo Lite viewers, all of which we also sell in our eBay store. These 3-D pictures can also be viewed on computer screens and monitors with either a Loreo Lite 3D viewer or a Loreo Pixie 3-D viewer both included for free with this lens. 

This kit comes complete with box, instructions, lens cover for the 3-D lens and two free Loreo 3-D viewers (a 3-D Lite and 3-D Pixi).

Please note: These 3D Lens in a Cap kits only work with SLR cameras with interchangeable lenses. Some cameras have fixed main lenses which can take lens extensions. This 3D Lens in a Cap cannot work with these cameras, since it is a fully integrated lens and beam-splitter system which has to be mounted directly onto an SLR camera body with the main lens detached.

Please let us know which camera model and mount you require, so that we can supply you with the correct 3D Lens.

The 3D Lens in a Cap kit Full-Frame version will fit most standard Film SLR cameras and some full-frame Digital SLR cameras with mount types -

Pentax-K (will also fit Ricoh)/ Nikon full-frame/ Canon EOS full-frame/ Canon FD / Minolta MD / Minolta AF.

Also the following full-frame Digital cameras - Canon 1DS, 1DS Mark II, 1DS Mark III, 5D, Kodak Pro DCS-14N, Nikon D3, Nikon D700, Nikon D800 and the Sony A900.

Please let us know which camera model and mount you require, so that we can supply you with the correct 3D Lens.


Lens Type: 3D, parallel view
Lens system: 38 mm, f11, 2 elements, plastic
Film Format: (for full-frame version) - 35 mm standard film (24x36 mm)
Diaphragm: Sliding disc, f11 & f22
Focusing: Sliding lever 1.5m, 3m, infinity
Special Feature: Turns an SLR camera into a 3D camera using normal processing. Retains many of the features of an SLR camera, such as  through-the-lens viewing, auto exposure, and TTL flash.
SLR body mounts: Pentax K, Canon EOS, Canon FD, Nikon, Minolta MD, Minolta AF
Dimensions: 104 x 65 x 60mm (W xH x L)


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